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TacumaKnit di Emiliana Bovero

It’s a sweater, warm and fast to knit. You need 2 balls of Cellini – Laines Du Nord, held double. Front and Back are worked separately then sewn together at the shoulders and sides leaving open the space for the sleeves, that are worked in the round picking up the stitches. It has a good fit, for this reason the pattern is offered in one size.

Measures: circumference 116 cm, length 50 cm.


Yarn:  Cellini Laines Du Nord 2 balls; color  n.5

NOTE: it’s worked with 2 threads held together. 

SIZE: one size

NEEDLES: Circular needles,  6 mm. Cable da 80

Other notions:cable needle, tapestry needle, stitch markers, scrap yarn to keep on hold stitches.

Gauge:   15 stitches x 18 rows (cm 10 x 10)in stocking st with needles 6 mm.


st(s)= stitch(es); K: knit; P: purl; YO: yarn over; K2tog-TBL: Knit 2 sts together through the back loop;  K2tog: Knit 2 sts together; tbl:  through the back loop. RS: right side; WS: wrong side; SM: Stitch marker; rep: repeat.


Stocking st.: K on RS rows and P on Ws rows.

Left cable:  slip 4 stitches on cable needle, hold in front, K1, P2, K1. Then work the sts from cable needle at the same way.

Right cable: slip 4 stitches on cable needle, hold in back, K1, P2, K1. Then work the sts from cable needle at the same way.



It’s worked  from the bottom up. Use 2 balls of Cellini and work with 2 threads held together. (start both balls either from the center or from the outside).

Cast on 88 sts and work as follows:

Row 1(RS): K

Row 2(WS): K

Rows 3-4: work in stocking st.

Rows 5-8: P

Work 93 rows in stocking st.

Loosely cast off all stitches.



It’s worked from the top down, continue to work using the yarn for the back, in order to have continuity in the nuance.

Cast on 88 sts and work as follows:

Set-up row (RS): K 30, place SM, K28, place SM, K30

WS: work sts as they appear.

Next Row (RS): work in stocking st to the SM, work in cable st. (see chart) to SM, work in stocking st to the end.

On WS rows of cable st work sts as they appear : purl trough the back loop the purls and purl the yarn overs.

Cable st. is worked on 12 rows. Repeat these 12 rows for 7 times.  Repeat from Row 1 to Row 10 one time.

The numbering from  Row 1 is resumed:

2(WS): KRow 1(RS): P

Row 3: P

Row 4: P

Row 5: K

Row 6: K

Row 7: K

Row 8: cast off on WS (knit the sts)


Row 1: K2tog, YO, K4, K1 tbl,* K2, K2 tbl*, rep 3 times in total, K1 tbl, K4, YO, K2tog-TBL.

Row 2 and all even rows: work sts as they appear (= work trough the back loop the sts worked tbl and purl the yarn overs).

Row 3: like Row 1

Row 5: like Row 1

Row 7: K2tog, YO, K4, left cable, right cable, K4, YO, K2tog-TBL.

Row 9: like Row 1

Row 11: like Row 1


Sew the shoulders leaving 30 cm open for the neck, then sew the sides leaving about 14 cm open for the sleeves. Note: sleeves are deliberately narrow, if you want wider sleeves leave more cm open.


Work in round. Divide the left over yarn into 2 equal balls. (one for each sleeve)

Facing the RS pick up and knit 2 sts every 3 rows (about 40 m). Join in the round and work in stocking st. (= K all rounds)  for the next 6 cm (about 13 rounds).