Fibers: 68% merino wool 16 microns,
10% cashmere, 22% silk

Clew: 25 grs. ca. - 145 mts. - 0,87 oz. ca. - 158 yds.

A mano
Asciugatura su superficie piana (disteso)
Lavaggio a secco con tutti i solventi, escluso il tricloroetilene o trielina
no mulesing
Non candeggiare
Non sopporta l'asciugatura in tamburo
Non stirare
It is the number of points and lines needed to calculate cms. for a garment
Crochet number to be used
Number of balls of yarn needed for knitting
Number of knitting needles to be used

Cashmere, merino and silk, a mix of noble fibres for an elegant, soft and very light yarn, ready to wrap you in velvety comfort every day. Ideal for sweaters, stoles and shawls due to a gauze effect that enhances softness and lightness.